Creating your very own MOOSE application is a cinch: you do it by "Forking the Stork!"... which is our application template:

1. Choose a new application name.

Consider the use of an acryonym. We prefer animal names for applications, but you are free to choose whatever name suits your needs.

2. Fork Stork!

Go to the Stork GitHub Page and Fork the Stork! by clicking the "Fork" button (like the one pictured below) in the upper right of the page.

Fork Button

3. Rename your fork

IMPORTANT: Rename your repository on Github to match your animal name!

  • Click on your repository, then the Settings button
  • Rename your repository

4. Clone your fork

Clone your fork to your workstation in the projects directory we made earlier (if you didn't make a projects directory then you'll want to just make sure you clone your application right next to your moose directory):

cd ~/projects  
git clone<username>/<app_name>.git

5. Run the '' script.

Note: This script will modify your cloned repository preparing it for immediate use!

cd <app_name>

6. Commit your changes

Commit your changes back to your local repository and push.

git commit -a -m 'Beginning my new application'
git push

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Register Your Application

When you are ready, register your application so others can see what you are doing and possibly use or enhance your code. Simply add your application to the list here: TrackedApps

What now?

Head over to the Documentation section to view all the various forms of documentation and walk through the example applications to find out how to solve your equations with MOOSE.

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