Due to recent changes in library level includes to reduce unnecessary recompilation, it may be necessary for your application code (Kernels, BoundaryConditions, etc.) to include more MOOSE header files. We have fixed most of the codes that are openly available online, but there are always some we miss, and there are of course private applications that we can't see. The following error messages should help you figure out what header files you need to include to get things compiling again.

error: member access into incomplete type 'NonlinearSystem'
  • Fix: #include "NonlinearSystem.h"

error: incomplete type is not allowed
  • Fix: #include "MooseMesh.h"

error: no member named 'associateSyntax' in namespace 'Moose'; did you mean simply 'associateSyntax'?
  Moose::associateSyntax(_syntax, _action_factory);
  • Fix: #include "MooseSyntax.h"

error: member access into incomplete type 'libMesh::QBase'
    for (unsigned int qp=0; qp<_qrule->n_points(); ++qp)
  • Fix: #include "libmesh/quadrature.h"

error: member access into incomplete type 'Assembly'
  • Fix: #include "Assembly.h"

These examples cover most, but probably not all, of the cases you may see failing. Generally speaking, if the compiler complains about an "incomplete type," you can fix the problem by #including the header where that type is defined. Finally, if all else fails, you can email moose-users@googlegroups.com for help.

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