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Dynamically Loading Multiapps

Dynamically Loading Multiapps

If you are working on your own application and would like to try out the Multiapp system with someone else's Application, you currently you have to run through a series of steps to add dependencies to the Makefile and register the other application explicitly.



MooseEnums have been around for a few years in MOOSE. They are useful anytime you need to create a list of options for your custom objects. MooseEnums automatically verify that a supplied option matches an item in the list (case-insensitive). MOOSE has full support for using them with the InputParameters class as well.

Smart Pointers in MOOSE

While MOOSE continues to maintain full C++03 support we are adding new language features as we need them. MOOSE now has full support for one C++11 Smart pointer type: shared_ptr.

Coloring output in MOOSE

Highlighting or coloring output in MOOSE is now easy to use. There are several color macro names that can be inserted into any stream object.

Range Checked Parameters

MOOSE now supports range checked parameters. We use the builtin fparser from libMesh so that we can handle very simple to very complex expressions. A full HTML reference of the syntax can be found here.

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