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Steady State Algorithm Change

The underlying algorithm for detecting a steady state solution while using the Transient Executioner has changed.

Making an App inherit from an App

Making your App depend on another App

When you fork stork you get a new application that inherits from MOOSE and all of the physics modules by default, but what if you want to inherit from an existing application? This blog post dives into the details of how you modify you application to do just that!

Changing a published API (Deprecation)

There are pros and cons to having users:

DiscreteMaterial Objects

A new type of Material object has been added to MOOSE to allow for users to perform explicit, iterative calculations of material properties.

Phase Field module change affecting Allen-Cahn kernels

A PR was merged today that changes an internal detail of the ACBulk class, which a lot of Allen-Cahn type Kernels inherit from. This class is now a class template. The template argument is the type of the Mobility parameter. Previously this has been assumed to be a scalar number.

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